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When I was asked to tell my story about the beginnings of the rescue, I thought I d have nothing much of interest to say. After much thought I decided to let my birds tell the story.

It started with BB , a Tiel with no crown feathers brought to me in a finch cage. He also had no tail feathers because of no room in the cage, and he spent all his time rocking back and forth & all he could do in his boredom, and he was just the first.

Then came CC , DD , and EE  etc., on through to the end of the alphabet and beyond, and that was the beginning of The Bird Room. As we reached the end of the alphabet with the Tiels, we acquired a Citron with an attitude, a Moluccan, an Odd Couple bonded pair, a Senegal and a Goffin, (a naked umbrella too), Budgies, Finches, Canaries, Lovebirds, Pigeons, Keets etc.

Another room had to be set up for the new animals who are in quarantine, babies, and sick or wounded birds that had to be tended every hour, all night. The latter especially usually wound up at my bedside. I feel a lot better if I can roll over and check their stress level at any time.

My family had birds for years. I laughed at them because the bird screaming was so uncontrollable at times. Luckily, I didn t have to deal with it and I left. Little did I know what the Master Planner had in store for me. Only a few years later, I m sure my house can be heard from blocks away! I created a filing system, keeping track of those who want birds, and a history on the birds who were donated and relocated. Since the personalities and needs of all the birds are different, finding adoptive parents is sometimes harder than you think. As you probably know, a bird may take to you or not, there s no way to know in advance, so a prospective adopter must come and visit, to see how it goes. No bird has ever been given to someone who hasn t hit it off with him (or her). I also take the donor s requests very seriously. The donor s wishes, no kids, no smokers, no bird collectors, etc. are followed to the letter.

Education is the key. Bird parents need to learn all they can about the bird they want to purchase or adopt from other bird owners, a local bird club, library (or now Internet!) research, etc. They need to understand that they can t have a Macaw cage in a small apartment. The cage would take up half of the room and wouldn t be very practical unless that was what they really wanted and it wouldn t hurt the bird in any way. If a Too is what a person is requesting and he or she lives in an apartment and works during the day, the bird will think you are lost and will call you (scream) all day until you return home. The bird thinks he s succeeded, and will do the same thing every day! You won t notice because the bird stops when you get home, but your neighbors will be glad to tell you about it!

Phone Calls are a large part of what I do. I get many questions from people, if I don t have the answers, I will find someone who does. Sometimes just lending an ear to someone who just lost a bird, be it large or small, can comfort them. A bird becomes a part of the family, and losing one is very painful.

I have met many wonderful people. We bird people are on a level playing field & we are all NUTS! Now we can laugh, show our bite scars, and tell the endless stories that we all have.

In Conclusion: For any and all reasons. from the birth of a baby to the death of an owner, from being too loud, too messy, moving and can t keep, bites, and just not wanting the bird & from a Parrotlet to a Macaw, they all have a place here. With spiritual guidance and a heart full of love, I will send them on to a loving family, hopefully never to be relocated again. Sometimes I get a gut feeling about an ad in a newspaper for a free or a cheap bird. I ll call and ask the seller to choose the buyer carefully. I ve gotten many reactions, from concerned, to them being annoyed & all are fine, because I know I did the best I could.




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